Upcoming Releases with my Favorite Illustrated Covers

I know there are some very important conversations to be had about the sudden increase in the use of illustrated covers (particularly in romance) when more POC authors are being published, and what might be the underlying reasons for it; but I won’t deny that I personally love illustrated covers a lot. I just love their colorful nature and don’t really like them being dismissed as cartoon covers. So today, I wanted to share some of my favorite illustrated covers of upcoming releases which are on my TBR.



I haven’t read any of the author’s previous work and I wouldn’t even know about this alternate history, noir style mystery novel if not for N. K. Jemisin’s recommendation, but that cover immediately captured my attention and I want to read the book just for that.


Firstly, this is a mainstream sapphic contemporary romance which is awesome. And I’m absolutely loving that stylish and bright aesthetic.


I adore the color purple so this cover was always gonna capture me on first look. And those golden color borders are so neat and gorgeous.


Isn’t this cover just stunning.? That glorious dark brown skin, that golden dress and all the colorful necklaces and hairpieces make for an overall glowing cover.


This cover is very simple, showing the three generations of women whose story it’s gonna be about but there’s so much beauty in the colors, the city background and the overall spring like feel. I love it.


I loved the cover of Bringing Down the Duke as well, so it’s not a surprise I am really enjoying this one. But I also love this color combination a lot more, and it’s hilarious that the heroine is spilling the tea (literally)..!!!! And that background of London is gorgeous too.


Firstly, it’s a desi girl on the cover, dressed up in Indian clothes. And then it’s that gorgeous black with glowing golden stars and I’m completely mesmerized with this cover. You could make me pick up this book just by looking at it and not even bothering with the blurb.


I can’t exactly tell you why I find this cover so striking, but it’s just bright and memorable and I can’t wait to read the book.


Another cover where I just love the sheer desiness of it. A lovely brown girl wearing a saree and even the designs in the frame feel so familiar – it’s all so beautiful and I’m glad that we are getting this representation on covers.


Other than the creepy magical woods in the background aesthetic, I’m totally in love with a beautiful black girl with gorgeous curls featuring on a fairytale retelling cover. I’m so excited to read this one.


What do you think of illustrated covers? Do you like them too? Are any of these books on your TBR? What are some of your favorite upcoming covers? Please feel free to share all your thoughts in the comments below…

19 thoughts on “Upcoming Releases with my Favorite Illustrated Covers

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  1. I haven’t heard of Trouble The Saints before but I’m going to have to look it up thanks to that cover! I really like it. Although if I had to pick one favourite it’s probably Star Daughter, it’s so eye catching and just stunning!! Gilded Ones is another cover that I love and I’m so, so frustrated that it’s not out until next year now!! I also love Hunted By The Sky and love the premise of it as well (: There are so many gorgeous covers this year!!

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    1. I totally agree that Star Daughter and Hunted by the Sky are gorgeous …
      And omg.. the Gilded ones is perfection… I wish it was here soon too 😬😬😬 2021 is too far away…

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  2. AHH OMG I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY TOO BECAUSE I LOVE SOME OF THESE COVERS TOO! Okay, first off I have to thank you for introducing Bringing Down the Duke to me and gosh how I can’t wait for this next book and the cover Ahahahaahahahahaha SHE’S POURING TEA ON HIS SHOES AND IF THAT ISNT THE BEST THING EVER IDK WHAT IT IS! Okay, Stat Daughter is like some magical world I want to stay in. The heroine looks just so graceful and powerful in a way that I’d like to copy and paste into my life thanks. ANDSHESHOLDINGALOTUS.
    And that attitude tho, from just one look, in the cover of Haunted by the sky, was just LOVE. Lovely choices. The other ones I would add are Loveboat, Taipei; Yes, No, Maybe So; The Boyfriend Project; Of Curses and Kisses and The Knockout!

    I genuinely opened notes and wrote this whole thing down and posted it back here 🀣 Is that extra ? Possibly. Oh well.

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    1. Well, if you are writing comments in notes and then posting here, that only shows your love 😍😍😍
      And I agree, all the covers you mentioned are absolutely gorgeous and I’m so glad we get to see them all ❀️❀️

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  3. Thank you for bringing up your sentiment regarding an increase in POC authors being published & use of illustrated covers! It led me to doing some research and I’m so glad I’m aware of this now.

    I also love illustrated covers. Something to Talk About is ABSOLUTELY on my TBR. I’m currently reading The Raven and the Dove, which has an illustrated cover I adore.

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    1. Thank you for reading Carly…!!! I love illustrated covers too but the move towards them just when more POC authors are publishing in the mainstream is disheartening…

      I like the cover of Raven and the Dove too… hope you are enjoying it 😊😊

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