2020 First Quarter Wrap Up


I’m not someone who does monthly hauls, TBR’s or wrap up posts but as we come to the end of the first quarter of 2020, I thought I should try doing one for the past three months. I’ve been trying to be more organized these days and also trying to follow my goals as closely as possible, so I feel like doing a wrap up post might act as a motivation for me to continue to do better for the rest of the year. As we are in the middle of the pandemic and all of us are so anxious, I definitely need some distraction as well and maybe this will help me read more and panic less.

And I hope you all will also be interested to see how my reading has been going so far this year. So, let’s get started….

Reading Challenges

(You can click on each challenge title links to see all the books I read)

Goodreads Reading Challenge – 59/130 (This is obviously going pretty well)

Start on Your Shelfathon – 7/25 (I have decided to consider all of my owned books for this challenge, not just the ones I bought before 2020)

South Asian Reading Challenge – 11 ( I’ll just have to read more South Asian books)

Armed With a Bingo – 24/24 (YAY !!!!! I finished this one and I’m so happy)

PopSugar Reading Challenge – 33/40 (This is quite good. If I finish the 40, I’ll try to read the 10 prompts for the advanced challenge)

Reading Goals

Read more Sci-fi and increase Non Fiction to 20%


My Sci-fi reading has surely increased and I’m quite happy with that. On the other hand, my nonfiction seems to have taken a backseat with less than 10% but I hope I’ll be able to bring it up in the next quarter.

More than 40% ownvoices books


Another graph I’m quite happy about is that I’m able to read majority ownvoices books or ones which have diversity incorporated in them. My “none” category is still at 15% but I hope I can bring it down to atleast 10.

Atleast 30% backlist books


This makes me quite happy because I’m so bad at reading backlist titles usually. But I am trying to appreciate the books I missed out on reading before and it’s been a wonderful experience.

Around 15% books with >500 page count


I’m only at about 5% which is not good, and even that only happened because SJM and Cassie Clare had their releases recently. I am contemplating challenging myself in May to read only the big books I already own but let’s see if I’ll follow through.

As you can also see, about 25% of my reading is less than 300 pages and that’s because I’m finding it difficult these days to concentrate for longer periods of time and hence, reading shorter novellas is bringing me more joy.

20 Backlist books to read in 2020

This is the one challenge I’m doing the worst at. I’ve only finished 2 books and DNFd one and I don’t even seem to be interested in the books I chose. It’ll be a wonder if I manage to read atleast 10 of these by the end of the year.

Blogging Goals

All my blogging goals are pretty broad and for the whole year, so I don’t want to start keeping track of them from now itself. I’m just happy that I have been able to stick to the schedule of posting on all weekdays and have written a couple of recommendation posts. Hopefully as the year goes on, I will create more original content and write discussion posts as well.


This is the only blog related graph I have and I think the majority of my posts being reviews perfectly captures me as a reader as well as a blogger.

Other Fun Statistics


I have a new found love for ensemble casts and it’s properly reflecting here. I also like that most of my romance reads are Dual POV because I don’t like being in the head of only half of the couple.


Not just in romance, I think I’ve managed to read more Adult SFF too this quarter and I’m happy about that. But YA fantasy still has my heart and I don’t think that’ll change.


As I mentioned somewhere above, I’m enjoying reading more novellas and you can see that here. I love anthologies a lot too and I wanna read more as the year progresses.


This is another image that’s very true to me – I’m always reading ebooks and sometimes turning towards audio. Maybe I can increase the audiobook % a bit.


I’m actually surprised that I’m reading more male authors because I tend to just gravitate towards female authors a lot. I also definitely want to read more by trans and enby authors and hopefully I’ll manage to do that.


I’m trying to get my ARCs TBR down, but as I read more I also get approved for more. And March has been pretty bad in terms of reading any of my pending advance copies, but I’m determined to do better in April.


I promise this graph looked a little better a few days ago, but I purchased quite a bit of ebooks in the past 2 days and it’s gone back to looking so bad. At this point, I’m not very hopeful because I can’t stop buying (ughhhh) but maybe I can aim for 20%. Let’s just wait and watch.


This is not really surprising at all and my only hope is to increase the blue graph as the year goes on. But I’m also glad that I’m reading a good number of books from the library.


This makes me very happy because it shows that I’m choosing books that I’ll love and enjoying them a lot. And I’ve also stopped worrying if this stat means that I’m not being a critical reviewer – I rate books based on my enjoyment and these numbers reflect what I truly feel.


I think this is a good distribution across the board and reflects my tastes. Unfortunately, Macmillan is still my highest read (I hate their library embargo so much) because I seem to gravitate towards the kind of books they publish, and they are also the only major publisher who approves a lot of my ARC requests.

As you can see, I’m doing well with certain goals but totally failing in others, but I’m glad to see them all consolidated here so that I can make a plan for the next quarter and hopefully do a little better.

How has your first quarter of reading and blogging been like? Are you sticking to your initial goals or have you decided to change any? Which areas are you doing very well? And do you have any suggestions for me going forward? Feel free to share all your thoughts in the comments below…

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    1. Thank you Jane !! I’m loving these stats too… and writing this up took a while…
      But I’m using two different spreadsheets shared by other bloggers and all the graphs are already designed, so kudos to them for that. I just have to keep my reading updated in them 😊😊
      Happy Reading to you too !!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Ohh my god 😳😳 I cant even imagine… and I don’t have so much excel skills either 😂😂😂 Lucky that we have other bloggers who share it so freely among all of us.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Haha good that you don’t have to.. when I was still working, I had to do a lot of excel stuff but thankfully not many formulas.. but I usually just hate the software on principle now because I’m fed up of it 😂😂😂

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Krisha!!!! As far as the blog is concerned, my only goal is to post consistently… but ya, I’m trying to diversify my reading a bit more 😊😊😊


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