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I have watched so many of my fellow bloggers and friends participate in the Magical Readathon for the past two years and always felt like I was missing out, but I didn’t take part because I always realized too late that I wanted to. But this year, I have been on top of the updates and I’m so glad I had enough time to prepare my TBR and I’m so so excited to be a part of this wonderful community.

If you want to participate as well and want to know more about this month long readathon hosted by Book Roast, you can checkout all the details at the website, and also find all the downloadables there.

I tried very hard to figure out one Career that I would like to choose, but ended up with two options. As I can pretty much read the same books for both these careers, I’m going to read them all and then decide during the NEWTs in August which one I’m going to go for in the end.


So, my two options are going to be Hogwarts Professor and Trader of Magical Tomes, and I think they are just perfect.

I am also thinking of doing one of the Training Courses, Magical Shop Management because I feel it’ll compliment the Trader of Magical Tomes career.



Ancient Runes – Heart on the Cover or in the Title


Astronomy – Read majority of this book when it’s dark outside


Charms – White Cover


Defense Against the Dark Arts – Book at the Sea/Coast


Herbology – Title starts with an ‘M’


History of Magic – Book featuring Witches/Wizards


Transfiguration – Book/Series that includes Shapeshifting



Additional Training Course TBR

Arithmancy – Read something outside your favorite genre

bonds of brass by emily skrutskie


Remaining OWLs TBR (If I want to read)

Care of Magical Creatures – Creature with a beak on the cover


Divination – Assign numbers to your TBR and use a random number generator to pick your book


Muggle Studies – Book from a perspective of a muggle (contemporary)


Potions – Book under 150 pages



What do you think of my TBR? Do you think I’ll be able to read them all? Are you also participating, and if so, what are all on your TBR? Let me know all your thoughts and share your links in the comments below…

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  1. That is an impressive TBR! I wish you much luck in completing them all. I too am going after Trader of Magical Tomes, but since I am also participating in a couple other April Reading Challenges, I decided not to try and complete all of the prompts, so I’m only reading the four books required for my career path.

    Happy Reading!

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    1. That’s so cool Danielle….!!! I don’t know if I’ll read all of the books either, because I have quite a few new releases coming from the library too 😂😂😂 too many to keep up with …

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      1. Yeah, I would be reading so much more right now, but I’m considered an essential business employee, so I still get to go to work every week day. I’m not going to lie; it would be nice to get shut down for a week or two so I could go on a reading binge. I have so many books on my TBR and it only seems to be getting longer thanks to all these awesome sounding new releases.

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        1. Ohh that’s bad. I hope you are able to stay safe even while working.
          I haven’t had a job for a while now, so I do have more time to read, but March has not been that good for anything and I’m hoping April will be better.

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          1. I’ve been able to keep my distance so far, but my job parameters change next week, so I’ll be working closer to other people, but I try to keep my distance and wash my hands a lot.

            Well, I’m sorry March wasn’t good for much of anything. I hope your April is much better.

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          2. Ohh that’s lovely to hear and congratulations 🎉
            And I agree, March had some great releases and only those couple of books stopped me from going into a slump… I mostly decided upon the readathon for the same reason, that it’ll motivate me to read more and not wallow in my anxiety 😬😬

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          3. Ohhh ya… I’m trying to find books which don’t have too bad cliffhangers… I read a series finale tonight which was quite bittersweet and had to sit in my bathroom for a while so that I could have a good cry. I just couldn’t stop my tears..

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          4. Oh yeah, that was such a bittersweet ending. Julie Kagawa has said she might other books in that world, from completely different perspectives. I finished that one yesterday. I had my blog tour review up today.

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          5. I just couldn’t believe there were so many deaths 😭😭 it got too much to handle and I needed a good cry … I hope she does write more in the world…


          6. I guess I’ve been lulled into safety by other YA authors who don’t kill a lot of characters, so this felt like pulling the rug from under my legs.. but I won’t deny that I could see it coming once I started reading.. but the tears still didn’t stop .

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          7. I’m glad there are authors who are willing to kill characters when the stakes are so high and the villains are so dangerous. There are so many who just have everyone live and be happy, and that just feels like an unrealistic cop-out to me. If the story has a war or a dangerous duty or whatever, I want there to be consequences. I want to see serious injuries and death. But maybe that’s just me. I’d rather have a bittersweet ending than a perfectly happy one.

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          8. Ohh I completely understand what you mean. And I frankly don’t have as much of a problem now with it a few hours after finishing the book… but in the moment, it was too tough to handle because I love the characters so much …

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          9. Between my reading on Sunday and Monday, I had three different books make me cry for three different reasons: The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly by Jamie Pacton, Undercover Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams, and Night of the Dragon by Julie Kagawa. So I love the ability of books to take us to those emotional places by making us love the characters and actually care about what could or does happen to them.

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          10. Ohh yes.. I remember feeling emotional during Undercover Bromance too.. and I completely agree, any book that makes me cry is always special to me.

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  2. This will be my first year participating!! My post goes up tomorrow, I think. I’m really excited. I was between two careers, so I’m reading for both and I’ll decide later. Although, I’m thinking I’ll end up with Librarian! I’m also doing the mermaid linguistics training!

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    1. It’s my first year too!! I hope we both have fun… and looks like both of us are going the same path with choosing between two careers…
      Good luck 👍👍👍

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          1. Thank you Prachi… I’m very scared of giving recommendations personally because what if the other person hates it… but it warms my heart when anyone picks up a book because I gushed about it 😊😊😊
            Like, you are currently enjoying the Grisha trilogy and it’s making me so happy 😍😍

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          2. Oh man I’m literally binging on the series!!! I’m already on the final book and I’m sure I’ll finish it before this week ends!!

            Also, I think you read quite diversely so I’m sure many people will find some good recommendations from your list🥰

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  3. Those all look like great choices! I’m going to be going for the Mind Medic career and that’s 8 books as well! Best of luck to us both!!!

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