Favorite Books from before I was a Blogger

While it’s the truth that I have read a lot of wonderful books after I became a blogger, I have always been an avid reader and have been reading for years now. And while it’s really impossible to recall all my favorites (my Read shelf on Goodreads has more than 1400 books), I just wanted to talk about some of them which came first to my mind.



To tell the truth, I don’t remember much about the Hex Hall series except the fact that I used to be crazy about it in my early 20s and it was the time in my life when I used to binge read a lot of these YA paranormal/urban fantasy novels.


The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa was another one of my absolute favorites from around the same time in my life, and I can very well recollect waiting for the final book with baited breath. I never read any of the author’s books again for almost a decade until Shadow of the Fox last year, and realized why I loved her writing so much.


The Inheritance cycle is associated with so many memories and that’s probably why I still love it so much, even though I might not like it if I reread now. The first two books in this series are the earliest books I bought with my own earned money during my final year internship in college and I vividly recollect walking a long distance to search for Eldest in the Crosswords bookstore. And when I finally traveled to the US after my wedding, I bought Inheritance in the Abu Dhabi airport without realizing I would have to carry that heavy book throughout the rest of the journey lol. And I totally credit Saphira for creating the love for dragons in my heart.


You might be surprised to see an Ayn Rand book on my list and I dont agree with her ideology at all now, but as a naive college student who didn’t know much about the world and hadn’t formed any ideology of my own, this book and Atlas Shrugged felt very fascinating and rebellious and idealistic. I even used to recommend them to all my friends.


I’m a huge fan of Matthew Reilly and I’m always talking about his Scarecrow and Jack West Jr. series, but one of my other favorite books of his is the standalone Temple. Told in multiple timelines, with lots of action and the Incan civilization and the Spanish Inquisition as the backdrop, this book completely mesmerized me and cemented my love for the author.


After reading Twilight, I, like every other young woman of the time developed a fascination for vampires, so it was natural that I gravitated towards the All Souls trilogy. I absolutely adored the combination of vampires and witches and magic and even remember buying the third book after coming to the US. Never felt the need to watch the TV show though.


I don’t remember if I read or watched The Godfather first but I remember being blown away by the way it’s written and how fascinating the group of characters were. I never did read the rest of the books but enjoyed the movie trilogy a lot.


I have no idea why I decided to read this book but it was the first time I got to know about the existence of religious cults and was shocked to know that such fundamentalist ideologies exist in the present day in the supposedly progressive America. It was a thrilling read and I was rooting for the author since the beginning, but overall I credit it for being an eye opener.


I remember the librarian at my university library recommending this book and I just picked it up on a whim. I had totally forgotten the movie because I couldn’t dare to rewatch it after my first frightening experience in childhood, so I thought it would be nice to see the same story in a book. And it was mesmerizing. I could totally imagine every single scene happening right in front of my eyes and it quickly became a favorite book which I kept recommending to everyone.


Even though we have the amazing Amar Chitra Katha graphic novels line in India, I had never actually read them because we couldn’t afford many books in my childhood. So, Sita’s Ramayana was probably my first exposure to reading an Indian epic in the graphic novel format and I accidentally discovered it on a shelf in the library in US. It was a wonderful experience and also reading an epic from the female POV was very thought provoking. This is probably the one book in this list I would love to reread.


Have you read any of these books? Were any of these your favorites too? What are some of your favorite books from before you were a blogger? Share your stories in the comments below…

25 thoughts on “Favorite Books from before I was a Blogger

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  1. I’ve only read the first book in the Hex Hall and Iron Fey series along time ago. I’ve been meaning to finish them because I love them but I always seem to search for or read other books.

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  2. The only one of these I’ve read is The Godfather and I thought it was an enjoyable read, though one of the rare instances where the film is better than the book I thought.

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    OMG what’s All The Souls Trilogy!!! I wanna read this 😍

    Loved your list sweets. When did you become a blogger 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh Ahana !!! That’s awesome … we have so much in common 😍😍😍 Soulmates indeed !!!!

      I think I started blogging exactly 3 years ago in April/May 😊😊

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  4. Omg I didn’t know that you’re a Matthew Reily fan! I read the first book he wrote(can’t remember the name know but the one where they’re trapped in a library with aliens and it’s a sort of Hunger Games) and I loved it! Haven’t read the rest of his books even though I’ve been meaning to 🙈

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    1. Ohh Charvi… I didn’t know anyone in our group had read a Reilly book 😃😃 I think you are talking about Contest which I don’t remember much because it’s been a while …
      If you like action packed books, you should totally checkout either the Scarecrow series or Jack West Jr series because I adore them 😍😍😍


  5. ooh, I read Hex hall quite some while back and I didn’t really enjoy it, unfortunately. I got Eragon as a gift a few years ago but I still haven’t picked it up – I might now, seeing that you loved it!

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    1. I understand Jayati… I don’t know if I’ll like them if I read them now… this was almost a decade ago and I was a totally different kind of reader then 😂😂

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  6. Oh I loved the Iron fey series as well! I think I stopped reading it after the first four books, shoudl continue with it!


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    1. I don’t remember much because it’s been so long but have so many memories of adoring the series… !!! Hope you love it now too if you decide to continue 😊😊

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