Life According to Literature Book Tag

Tags are always fun to do, and I feel especially in need of them these days because my mind is not in any position to write original stuff and I just want to do something fun. So when I saw this tag on Lauren’s blog @ Narrative Paradise, I found it so unique and interesting that I knew I had to do it immediately. Do checkout her blog for more amazing and super funny content.


  • To answer the questions use only books you have read during the past year (I’m actually only including the books read in 2020)
  • Do not repeat any title
  • Tag some friends (I didn’t do this)


(1) Describe yourself: The Unspoken Name


Why is my name Unspoken..?? Who the hell knows… I’m just being random guys 🙂

(2) How do you feel: Not So Pure and Simple


My mind is a messy place right now, so I think this title sums it up.

(3) Describe where you currently live: Binti – Home


Am I being too cheeky..?? But what else can I say. I’m just stuck at home, which is not exactly that different than the usual for me.

(4) If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Of Curses and Kisses


Sorry.. the title doesn’t really convey what I want, but I want to go to St. Rosetta’s Academy and just have some quiet time in the mountains.

(5) Your favorite form of transportation: Scavenge the Stars


Flying through the stars might just save us from this pandemic.

(6) Your best friend is: The Hidden Girl and Other Stories


Considering that I haven’t seen my best friend in years, I think I can call her the Hidden Girl now.

(7) You and your friends are: Upright Women Wanted


I don’t think we have the sass of the women from this book, we definitely try.

(8) What’s the weather like: The Fever King

The Fever King

It’s not exactly hot here, but I think the pandemic has just made the whole atmosphere feel more depressing and sick in general.

(9) You fear: Girl Gone Viral


Ohh yes. Never wanna get viral for anything ever. Probably why I hardly post any of my opinions on social media.

(10) What is the best advice you have to give: Rebel Hard


What else can I advice during the times that we live in, when so many marginalized people habe to fight for basic rights, except to rebel and show up and be allies.

(11) Thought for the day: A Song for a New Day


Maybe listening to something new everyday will help curbing a bit of the anxiety. But ironically, I don’t think you should read this book at this time, coz this dystopian world will quickly feel like where we might end up if the pandemic has a high mortality rate.

(12) How would I like to die: Exit Strategy


I frankly have no exit strategy, but I wish I did.

(13) My soul’s present condition: All Systems Red


Perfect way to describe my body and soul’s present condition – all systems are red and I have no idea what’s gonna happen next.


This was supposed to be a fun tag, but I think I have made this too depressing because I’m feeling anxious. Hoopefully, any one of you who decides to do this tag will make it more fun. Don’t forget to link back to me so I can join in the fun as well.

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