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I absolutely love cakes. And cookies. And pastries. Not that I can make any of them though, because I have no clue about baking. So, I thought let’s do the next best thing – a Books and Bakes tag. I saw this done by Eleisha @ Literary Leisha long time ago (and was Created by the booktuber Life is a Page Turner ) and couldn’t resist doing it myself. Before I get started, make sure to checkout her blog for more amazing bookish content.


1. Cupcakes – name a collection of short stories, poems, or anthologies where you couldn’t read just one section and had to go back for another


A Phoenix First Must Burn was an excellent anthology of short stories about fierce young Black women and I couldn’t wait to read more of them.

2. Lemon Pound Cake – Name a book that has 400 pages or more that you considered a comfort read and a classic

red white and royal blue

RWRB has become a comfort read that’s gotten me through many slumps and bad days, and I love it so much.

3. Red Velvet cake – Name a book that you thought was one thing, but ended up being something completely different


When this book was chosen as a book club read, I assumed it would be more action packed with characters fighting against Nazi/Japanese oppression in America, but it turned out to be more philosophical than I expected or wanted.

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – Name a book or a book series that you can read over and over again even though you know that it’s bad for you


I don’t know if it’s bad for me, but I can read this series over and over again and never get bored. I even cry at the same scenes every single time.

5. Apple Pie a la Mode – Name a book that was really good but could have been better with a little bit of ice cream


I really enjoyed reading Scavenge the Stars a lot, but I also found it slow in places and missed the development of some significant side characters. Hopefully, the sequel will be much more awesome.

6. Gingerbread Cookies – Do you like your gingerbread cookies crunchy or soft. 1. If you like your cookies soft name a book that was squishy in the middle, but the beginning and the end were really good. 2. If you like your cookies crunchy or more like ginger snaps name a book that you finished, but that you wanted to throw at a wall, or snap


I don’t think I’ve eaten Gingerbread cookies before but I love any cookies to be squishy. And I found the beginning and ending of House of Earth and Blood to be quite good, but the middle was a bit on the slower.

7. Brownies – Are you a corner piece or a middle piece? 1. If you’re a corner piece, name a book that starts off strong and then all comes apart. 2. If you’re a middle piece, name a book that kept you in the feels the entire time.


I’m definitely a middle piece, and Surrender Your Sons is one book that captures your attention at the beginning and never lets go. Such a stunning debut.

8. Birthday Cake – Name a book series or an author that you feel like keeps coming out with a book, short story, novella every year

To be honest, all of romancelandia is full of authors who come up with new releases every few months and I’m always amazed at their wonderful relentless work.

9. Carrot Cake – Name a book that sounded healthy for you, but ended up being unhealthy either with content, or put you in a reading slump.


I really thought I would love this book but it ended up being a disappointment.

10. Tag some friends you would love to share some baked goods with

Ahana || Leslie || Evelyn || Caitlin

16 thoughts on “Books and Bakes Book Tag

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  1. Oh I love this post!!!! Totally agree with the Throne of Glass series, I will always go back to those books because they are just so familiar. I tend to skip book 1 and 2 though because they have a different feel to the rest of the books, plus Heir of Fire is my faaaavourite. I also agree with Crescent City, the middle got a bit slow but the beginning and end were adrenaline-inducing haha. I love your answers to this post, I might do it in the future if you don’t mind?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh I would love it if you did the tag and I’m very excited to see your answers 😊😊
      And I’m glad you get the same familiar feeling with ToG. I tend to skip book 2 as well but I don’t mind the first one. I don’t always read HoF but my favorite is Queen of Shadows and I’m always listening to its audiobook.
      And I completely agree about Crescent City. Middle was very slow but thankfully I didn’t bored and was able to appreciate the characters more because of the slow pace. And that ending was 🤩🤩🤩

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ahh this tag has made me hungry and now I want to go bake some cake! Anyway, RWRB has become such a comfort read for me as well! I’ve read it twice this year already. Anytime I’m stressed, I just pull it up on my kindle and relax. It’s so amazing how well It works!
    I don’t really have the energy to reread The Throne of Glass series but when I did before Kingdom of Has came out, it so got me everytime as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww I felt hungry while writing it too 😂😂
      Ohh I know the feeling. RWRB has been my go to comfort read for more than an year now and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve listened to the audiobook. It just makes me so happy.

      Haha I can understand. I have all the ToG audios, so I just keep it on in the night when I’m having trouble sleeping and it’s kinda comforting in its own way 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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