TTT: The Last Ten Books I Abandoned

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish that now has a new home at That Artsy Reader Girl.

I usually don’t keep a list of all the books I DNF because it would be a long one. I’m not someone who shies away from abandoning books if I’m not feeling it. So let me talk about some which I DNFd recently.



After finishing the first two short story collections in The Witcher series, I thought I will binge read the whole thing but I got bored about a quarter into Blood of Elves. I haven’t abandoned it completely yet though, and will probably read the rest of the books with breaks in between.


Even President Obama called this one of his favorites from 2019, so I ended up adding it to my 20 Backlist Books to read in 2020 list. But I got very bored after just the first two chapters. I don’t know if I’ll continue it again but I’ve heard that some of the essays are very good. But we shall see.


I really wanted to read this one because it was a Stars and Sorcery book club pick but I got bored within just a few chapters. And the lyrical writing style didn’t work for me either.


This is a case of not liking the main character at all and not wanting to read his story.


I had quite enjoyed Wicked Saints last year but lost my interest while reading Ruthless Gods and didn’t feel like proceeding after a few chapters.


YA contemporaries are probably not my thing anymore and I didn’t enjoy the story or banter in this one much.


This was another of my book club’s picks last month and to be honest, I just hated the writing style. All the other members seem to be loving it but I felt absolutely no interest in continuing.


Another of my Stars and Sorcery book club pick, I knew even before I started that this book wasn’t going to be my thing. And the very lyrical stream of consciousness writing style was very difficult to read, and the gory content was a bit too graphic for my taste. I still made it about 10% before deciding I just couldn’t continue.


I seem to be having a love hate relationship with Christina Lauren books these days and their latest had me very uninterested right from the beginning. Even the banter couldn’t keep me going because some of the characters were just too unlikable.


And finally when I decided to pick up a Brandon Sanderson book, I read till about 24% and I think I was liking it too, but it was also too big and I couldn’t be bothered to continue at the time. But I might give it a try some other time.


Are any of these books your favorites? Do you think I should give them a try? What are some books that you abandoned? Let me know all the details below…

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  1. Aww, sorry you bounced off Mistborn! I love that book, but I can understand not being in the mood for it. I’m going to be reading Kingdom of Liars in the next few weeks, so curious to see if I’ll have the same reaction or not!

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