Most Anticipated Releases of June

June is always one of my best reading months, and I can’t even tell you why that happens. Maybe the brighter days just make me wanna read more. And there are some very exciting new releases that are coming up and I would love to share them all with you.



A new series which follows three friends who meet in a very unlikely fashion, this was so much fun and I hope all of you will love it too.


I requested the ARC of this book mostly because of it’s gorgeous cover. I was expecting more action than it provided, but it has some amazing characters and lots of banter.


This is a story of how characters who have long lived in America feel when they go back to India which has changed considerably over the years – and as someone who does identify with this theme a lot, I found it relatable in parts. But it was the main characters who were a bit of a letdown.


How lovely it is that Sandhya is coming with her second book of the year already…??? And I’m completely in love with this cover. This was fun and I hope everyone will love it too, but it did get on my nerves a little bit at times.


This book seems full of political intrigue and rebellion, with commoners fighting for their right to use magic spanning multiple countries and it’s making me all excited already, especially because I got the ARC.


Both My Lady Jane and My Plain Jane were delightful to read and I hope this one turns out to be the same. And I hope I am able to follow along well despite not knowing the original story.


Desi romcoms are totally my thing and this one seems very promising. I hope it’s as wonderful as I want it to be.


A friendship that develops over the phone with the voter registration process as a backdrop – this seems pretty interesting and I hope I’ll read it.


This is a fantasy world inspired by medieval India featuring warrior women and that’s all I need to know about it. Sounds absolutely wonderful and I love seeing a desi girl on the cover.


This is a standalone fantasy which in itself is fantastic. And it’s about sisterhood and what one will do to protect the other. I think it’s gonna be pretty intense and emotional and I can’t wait to experience it.


Seasons as human beings… Winter falling in love with Spring… Sounds so wierd and unique and while I’m not sure completely if I’ll read it, I wanna decide based on reviews. However, that cover is stunning.

Are you excited for any of these books too? What are some of your most anticipated releases of June? Let me know in the comments below…

13 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Releases of June

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  1. I restrained myself from requesting Declaration of the Rights of Magicians (too many ARCs already!) but I’m looking forward to your review! I agree with your thoughts on Pure Moon, it was enjoyable, but I wanted more from it.

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        1. Ohh ya.. I always start off the year with a lot of energy and determination to keep up, but by summer my enthusiasm is gone. And it’s even worse this year. I just hope I don’t fall too behind 😬😬😬

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    1. Haha I knew one of them was gonna be wrong…. most of these release posts, I scheduled long time ago… I still updated some of them whose dates got postponed.. I guess I forgot about pinky πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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