The Week Gone by 08/24

Hello everyone…!!! How are you all doing? Just two weeks after starting this series of posts on the blog, I missed posting last week because I just didn’t have the energy to do anything that weekend. But I am back to tell you all about the great reading week I’ve had….

This past week was definitely a good one… I read quite a bit for my tropeical readathon and I enjoyed most of what I did, and that makes me very happy. So, let’s get onto the details.

This was actually a reread. Though it’s a graphic novel, I had listened to the audiobook last year and loved it a lot. But when I had the opportunity to talk about my favorite graphic novel in a reading group, I decided to read it this time and loved the illustrations too. This is such a thoughful and sometimes hard book to read, but it can be funny and it’s important. And I’m hoping I convinced some in the group to give it a try. You can check out my review for it here.

This is one of those books I added to the TBR just because the cover looks stunning. And I frankly didn’t know what to expect from a historical fantasy noir, because it’s pretty out of my comfort zone. The style of writing or even the way we are put into the middle of things without any explanations may not have put me at ease, but I still loved how the setting of pre WWII New York came to life within these pages, and the author touches upon so many important themes very well which left a profound impact on me.

I love my hockey romances and this just happens to be my most favorite ongoing series in the genre. It had two very charming characters and I enjoyed their dynamic quite a lot. And I absolutely loved the cameos from all my favorite previous characters, and can’t wait for more books in this lovely hockey world.

Both My Lady Jane and My Plain Jane were delightful novels, so I was very excited to read this last one in the series. And despite not knowing much about the OG characters, I found myself lost in this world of gunslingers and werewolves. And as much as we expect this book to be fun and satirical and just all round hysterical – and it was all that – the authors also manage to weave in themes of found family, prejudice, mob violence and cult leaders… and I thought it was done extremely well. The audiobook is as always a highlight and I was laughing through most of the narration.

I love reading fairytale retellings, but I’ve never read one before where the author manages to seamlessly combine multiple of them; and also combining Western fairytales with Eastern folklore – which gives this such a unique and refreshing feel. Our heroines are also both older, have done many things in their past they regret, and this is the story of them coming to terms with their guilt and finding a way forward. I thought it was beautifully written and I completely fell in love with the two women. Such a wonderful exploration of characters and managing to do so in just around 150 pages.

I’ve not been in much of a binging mood for months now, and any visual content I consume these days is in small doses.

And after months of rewatching the episodes of The Untamed and drowning myself in MDZS fanfics on AO3, I finally decided to start the Mo Dao Zu Shi donghua. I’m still only 4 episodes in and I’m going very slow, even though Dany @ Ambivert Words has binged the whole thing and is waiting for me to finish so that we can gush more about it.

Other than this, I just watch whatever my husband puts on TV, which includes the NBA playoffs (even though I don’t understand the game at all) or just random videos on booktube.

Hope you all enjoyed reading about my updates…. How has your reading been like in these recent week? Did you find any new favorites? Do share your thoughts in the comments below !!!

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  1. Holy crow, this is a GREAT reading week, I am kinda jealous!! Good Talk was one of the last books I read in 2019 and I absolutely loved it — it made me laugh, it made me cry — and have been pushing it on all my friends ever since. And Burning Roses and Common Goal are two that I’m hugely looking forward to! Especially Burning Roses — SL Huang is an author I’ve been in love with for a few years, and Burning Roses sounds like SUCH a me book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t really seen any one around who has read Good Talk, so it’s amazing to know that you loved it too… I remember being so weepy after I finished it.

      I just got to know about SL Huang this year when I read a couple of her wonderful short stories, so when I got Burning Roses, I was so excited. It’s such a beautiful story and I hope you’ll love it 😍😍
      I’m glad you are excited for Common Goal too… at this point, I mostly wait for Ilya cameos in this series more than anything 😂😂😂


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