The Week Gone By 08/31 – Trope-ical Readathon Wrapup

Hello everyone…!!! How are you all doing? I know it’s not been an easy week at all and I’m glad for the books I did read because they have been so helpful in keeping the sadness at bay. I also successfully completed all the prompts in the Tropeical Readathon which made me quite happy because I have had such a hard time focusing on anything, and didn’t expect to read all these books this month. So, let me get on with the updates.

I’ve had the ARC of this one for a long while, but the flaky mood reader that I am, I never got around to reading it till now. Thankfully, it was the SFF Team Book for the readathon which pushed me to pick it up and I’m glad I did. I really love fairytale retellings, especially when it’s POC authors and I found this world and the themes that the author discusses to be very interesting. But I did feel that this being a standalone may have led to the execution being not very good at times. But it’s Black sapphic YA fantasy and we all deserve more of those.

I was looking for a queer historical romance and while browsing in my library catalog, I was so glad to find this one because I had completely forgotten about it. I had a lot of fun when I read the original trilogy last year, so I did have expectations, and the author didn’t disappoint. It has women standing up for themselves, supporting each other and giving voice to their desires and ambitions, along with a super fun sapphic romance. It was joyful and fun and I can’t wait to read more of the author’s books.

To be honest, this book is as far away from my comfort zone as possible. But I needed a book with time travel for the readathon prompt, and I was not in the mood for any full length novel. So I decided this novella was the way to go. And I found this dual timeline writing style to be extremely fascinating, because it provided two very distinct POVs. I also found the conflict between two generations of humans surviving in a post apocalyptic world to be very relatable in a way. I was completely stunned by the ending because it gives us a lot to think about, with many many possibilities.

As someone who grew up not knowing the western canon of literature, I only got to know about Ursula K. Le Guin probably last year and have since come to know the legendary role she played in the SFF genre. I usually stay very far away from classics, but this book has been on my radar for a while and I was glad to pick it up. The writing style was so different and very poetic compared to what I’m used to, but it had very whimsical fantasy feel that I enjoyed. But left me impressed was how the author managed to create a coming of age story of a very powerful wizard without even creating a big bad villain. Excellent storytelling and I hope I will be able to continue the series.

And my final book for the readathon and the one I have been waiting for so long, but obviously there was a line at the library πŸ™‚ I’m almost done with the book and I have until the end of the day to finish it and count it for my readathon, so I’m updating it here. I still don’t have my thoughts about it formulated completely but I can confidently recommend it as a fascinating debut.

This was on my TBR before it’s release because I absolutely adore the Girls of Fire and Thorns trilogy, but somehow lost interest in this one and completely forgot about it. But when I found the audiobook to be available to borrow in my library catalog recently, I thought why not give it a try. I’m still in the middle of it and while it’s not having the same impression on me as the original, I’m still thoroughly enjoying being back in this world. I hope it gets even better as the book goes on and I also get to see more of Elisa and Hector.

Tropeical Readathon Wrap Up

As I mentioned above, I completed all the prompts for my readathon, so below are my final graphics and seeing them makes me so happy.

This highly anticipated sequel of mine is releasing tomorrow, but as expected I haven’t been able to read my ARC on time. But I’m hoping I can get to it this week so I’m not missing out on the release week fun.

There’s not much I’m in the mood to binge watch these days but I have started the Norweigian political thriller show Occupied on Netflix. And while it seems to be quite an excellent story, it’s too anxiety inducing, so I’m only watching one episode a day.

And because I can’t resist any new Hindi movies, I watched Sadak 2 and that was a mess. But I guess I could laugh about how bad it was, so it was okay.

My Street Dance of China 3 watching shenanighans without the subtitles continue because the dances are super cool and while I initially started because Wang YiBo is adorable, I have slowly come to love all the four captains.

I also watched Avengers Endgame again and got goosebumps at the scene where the portals open and Black Panther comes out…. only to see the news about Chadwick Boseman two days later. 2020 really sucks !!!!! And with all this grief in our hearts, all we can do is remember the ones we lose and carry on as best as we can….

Anyways…. just like the weekend, I couldn’t end this post on a happy note. But here’s hoping the next week is better because I really can’t think anything beyond that at this point. And if you wanna talk about how your past week has gone and your plans for the next, do comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Congrats on finishing the readathon! I so wanted to participate, but I had too many books I just had to read in August. Which, I didn’t end up reading in the end. I fail!

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    1. Ohh I understand… I tried to fit in a couple of the books I wanted to read in August and I think it worked out for me. But it’s definitely been a much better reading month compared to the previous ones…

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