The Week Gone By 09/21

Another week gone by… Another one which I thought started off okay but ended up heartbreaking because of Justice RBG’s passing. Hope you all in the US are coping okay and let’s all do our best going forward so that her brilliant legacy endures. And let me talk about the books I read instead, so that maybe it will offer you some diversion for a little while.

I saw this on a booktuber’s TBR and immediately wanted to pick it up, because it’s been a while since I’ve read a Mahabharata retelling. And I always love exploring the epic through a female perspective. I decided to go the audiobook route, which was nicely narrated for the most part except there were some repetitive sentences that were probably editing issues. The story itself was also good and I enjoyed Draupadi’s voice, but there were a lot of time skips, with some events being completely glossed over which resulted in a disjointed execution. But it’s also a fairly short book, so I think it did it’s job of covering the important stuff. The prose itself also felt more modern which while it didn’t bother me, might not be the same for other avid Mahabharata readers. But overall, it was a good change of pace for me to dive back into my comfort zone.

I was quite enamored by both the stunning cover and the synopsis, so I was very excited when I got this ARC. And it turned out to be such a unique reading experience with it’s second person narrative voice. We never hear the protagonist at all, and are left to piece together the story and the mystery through the conversations she has with a myriad of eccentric characters. While it left me slightly dissatisfied with how it resolved, I still think it’s a fascinating book with an enjoyable premise and I would definitely recommend it.

Whenever I see the author’s name, I wanna go check it out immediately. I’ve only read a few of her short fiction and have her Dominion of the Fallen trilogy on my TBR, but I’m always better at keeping up with the new releases. This is her newest novella in the Xuya universe and I was quite excited to explore it for the first time. It’s pretty good as a standalone and can be enjoyed by anyone without exploring her previous works in this world. This was also a beautifully written murder mystery with an even better romantic subplot, and I thoroughly enjoyed. I just wish it was longer. But I did get a follow from the author because of my tweets about it, and she replied that she also loves MDZS as much as I seem to, so now this book has become extra special for me.

I honestly wasnt sure I would get to this before the release, but I’m so glad that I did. I really felt that the author’s writing was easier for me to get through this time and was able to read it very quickly. The writing as always is very beautiful and I could feel the brutally cold atmosphere of Russia through her words. The ending was also pretty cool and surprising, so I’m definitely excited for the finale. I still love the characters, but there was too much angst and pining, and everyone is processing the grief from the ending of the first book in their own terms – so it just made me feel sadder in our already sad times. But that’s just a me problem, and I think all the lovers of the first book will definitely enjoy this one too.

Other than The Silvered Serpents and The Seventh Perfection, this amazing collaction of diverse vampire short stories is releasing tomorrow and I’m so excited to read it.

This week hardly involved any binge watching because I didn’t feel interested in anything at all. I think I was just doomscrolling on twitter most of the time.

But it’s sports season now and I’ve been following the NBA conference finals as well as the NFL second week games. And finally my beloved IPL season has started, so some fun cricket is here to brighten up my life. Go Sunrisers and RCB !!!!

And that’s how my week went…!!!! How was yours? What amazing books or shows did you get to enjoy? Do share the deets in the comments below πŸ™‚

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  1. You just reminded me that I need to place an order for The Silvered Serpents! I’m excited to finally read it, although I’m not too excited about the abundance of pining πŸ˜„ I’ve been watching NFL games for the first time ever since my city finally got a team…but we’ll see how long that lasts for me!

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    1. Haha… Sometimes too much pining can feel a lot to handle but I hope you’ll enjoy the book 😊😊 And yay for the NFL team… Have fun watching the games πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


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