The Week Gone By 09/28

Another week gone by… things don’t seem to be going well, atleast in the political front in the US. Early and mail-in voting has already started in many states, so I’m hoping everyone of you eligible voters have already made plans to vote as safely as possible during this pandemic. I can’t do much, so here I am just trying to provide you some fun content during otherwise not fun times. So let’s get started with how my reading week went…

After having read other short fiction by the author this year, I was highly anticipating the release of Ring Shout and got very gleeful when I was approved for the ARC. And as expected, the author completely blew my mind. This is a fantasy novel but set around real historical events like the movie Birth of a Nation and the racism and Jim Crow laws in the 20s, and the way the author seemlessly blends the history, fantasy and horror elements while also making subtle commentary which is extremely relevent today – it’s just perfection. I know there is still a quarter of the year left but this might be my top favorite of the year, if not one of them. Just read it.. pre-order it… order for your library.

Vampires are always fun to read about, but I had never consciously thought about the fact that we don’t have media with BIPOC and LGBT+ vampires. So, reading this short story collection about vampires that features characters across all kinds of marginalizations, while also exploring vampire (and adjacent) myths from different cultures, was absolute fun. It’s a good mix of romantic, hilarious and profound stories and I’m sure everyone will find something they will love in it. My favorite definitely was Samira Ahmed’s story because DESI VAMPIRES !!!!!!

I was pretty disappointed with the previous installment in this series and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue, but ultimately decided to try because it was touching on some very relevant social justice themes. But this ended up being a bigger disappointment both in the way racism was handled, as well as the romance being relegated to a side plot when the marketing is clear that it’s romance novel. As it was an ARC, I’m not sure if I want to say more here on the blog and whether I will decide to publish the review here, but if you know my thoughts in detail, you can checkout my review on GR here.

Any mythology is always fun to explore, and I find Greek more interesting because of some of the similarities it has to Indian mythology. So, I was pretty excited to buy the audiobook of Mythos when it showed up on sale, because I was sure I wanted to listen to this in Stephen Fry’s voice. And I wasn’t disappointed. He makes it all so much fun and exciting with his brilliant and witty and sarcastic narration, making it a very enjoyable listening experience. I won’t say I can remember much now that it’s ended but it was good while it lasted.

I never read children’s books because I feel I can’t appreciate them properly, but when I first came across Ritu Weds Chandni, I knew I had to read it. Told from a six year old girl’s POV, it’s about the innocence and purity of kid’s thoughts and how they can be accepting of different kinds of relationships unless we teach them otherwise. And for a larger Indian population that is not very progressive when it comes to LGBT+ rights, I think this book is very important and hopeful and I wish many desi kids and parents both in the mainland and diaspora get to read it.

I started reading both these books and making my way through them slowly. I’m not much into The Midnight Library yet, so can’t tell a lot about it except I love that cover so much. They Were Her Property is definitely very informative and eye opening about the role that white women slave owners played in the economy of times, and I find that this is such an important topic that is probably quite overlooked.

I haven’t yet managed to read Volume Four of Fence, but I’m already excited for the full novel in the series which releases tomorrow. Hopefully I will manage to read both the books soon.

I have only read one book by Nikita before but I find her writing to be very evocative and can’t wait to experience more of that magic in The Girl and the Goddess.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, I’m fully into all the sports seasons, my favorites being the NFL and IPL. My IPL favorites aren’t doing so well but the Baltimore Ravens are making me all kinds of happy and I can only hope they will show more of that magic in today’s match against the Chiefs.

I also caught up with the Enola Holmes which I thought was great fun and I hope it’s continued into a series.

Even if hate cooking or anything to do in the kitchen, I do enjoy watching cooking reality shows… so I spent this week binging Sugar Rush and Zumbo’s Just Desserts on Netflix. The new season of GBBO is also here which I am very happy about but waiting a week for every new episode is not that fun.

In the last week, blessed us with these absolutely stunning covers of their 2021 releases and I don’t even know which one I like more because they all are wow….. And I’m already so excited to read all of them but there’s unfortunately, such a long wait.

Macmillan also had an online open house for reviewers and influencers hosted by representatives from each of their imprints, and it was interesting to know their expectations from influencers, especially in terms of who gets ARCs and when and how to go about requesting them. I’m not one to send emails to publicists and always stick to Netgalley, but I’m glad to know that it’s still an option, while also realizing that I have a very low engagement blog and I’m probably not what they are looking for.

Anyways… that’s how I spent my week. How was yours? Did you read any wonderful books as well? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below…

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    1. Yay !! It’s a series of books too featuring Enola, so hopefully they’ll continue the movies as well.
      And let me msg you the link for the short story, I love it so much 😍😍😍

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