2020 Third Quarter Wrap Up

Another quarter in this hell that is 2020 has come to an end, and even though it has not been easy going, I’m actually excited to write this post because it means the year is closer to an end and I’m hoping that 2021 will be better. Reading has also not been easy these last few months, but I’m trying because it’s the only thing that’s keeping me sane. But ofcouse this means that I’m probably not doing that well on most of my goals and I have decided I am completely okay with it. So, let’s get started…

Reading Challenges

(You can click on each challenge title links to see all the books I read)

Goodreads Reading Challenge – 160/130 (This is obviously going pretty well)

Start on Your Shelfathon – 18/25 (I hope I can reach my target but even that is woefully low considering how many I buy.)

South Asian Reading Challenge – 29 ( This isn’t too bad considering I don’t have a target but I can always read more.)

Armed With a Bingo – 24/24 (I finished this in the first quarter itself.)

PopSugar Reading Challenge – 38/40 (I don’t know if I’m gonna try for the advance challenges but hopefully I will complete these 40.)

Reading Goals

Read more Sci-fi and increase Non Fiction to 20%

Sci-fi reading is definitely going well and I am happy that I’m slowly getting comfortable with the genre. My nonfiction count is still not good enough but let’s see how I will fare towards the end of the year. I do have some great history books on the tbr and hope to get to them soon.

More than 40% ownvoices books

I am very happy that I am reading so many Ownvoices books (more than 60% is quite unexpected even for me), and I am even more happy that around 90% of my books have some form of diversity.

Atleast 30% backlist books

This has really come as a surprise. I am so obsessed with reading new releases usually that I decided to keep my target low, but managing more than 40% backlist books is kind of an achievement for me.

Around 15% books with >500 page count

This is definitely not happening. I have completely stopped trying to pick up any long books because I can’t keep my attention on them for that long. I guess this 4% will have to do for this year. Maybe 2021 will be better to catch up.

20 Backlist books to read in 2020

I have officially abandoned this challenge for the year. I can’t force myself to read books which I am currently in no mood for.

Blogging Goals

The review percentage has gone much higher in this quarter because I cut down on my blogging schedule and stopped writing any posts other than reviews and wrap ups. And I have no clue if I will start writing other kinds of posts soon.

Other Fun Statistics

Seems like I’m pretty much balanced between female POVs, ensemble casts and dual POVs…. all the kinds of perspectives I love to read. I don’t see this changing as the year goes by.

My majority Adult book reading continues and that tiny peek you are seeing is Children’s because I read exactly one kid’s book.

As you can see, this pandemic has made me gravitate towards short fiction and that’s why I have a significant short story as well as novella count, and I’ve really enjoyed them a lot too. But I still majorly read novels and I don’t see that changing.

Not at all surprising that ebooks will always remain my favorite format, but my audiobook count is increasing and I am quite liking the format more and more everyday.

I’m only glad that I am reading books by authors outside the cis gender binary and hope to increase the percentage even more.

I am surprised that despite my focus issues, I have managed to keep up with atleast most of my ARCs and hope to continue this energy for the rest of the year.

This percentage doesn’t seem to be going much high because I keep buying more books whenever there is a sale. What can I say… I have impulse issues.

This is an interesting statistic. On surface, I’m definitely reading more ARCs and Library books. But getting into it a little deeper, I am also glad that I am utilizing my subscriptions as well as slightly keeping up with my purchases.

Nothing makes me more happy that seeing so many 4 star and above books among my reads this year. I like enjoying the books I pick up and don’t really like having to give less ratings.

Big 5 as always make up a major chunk of my reading, and despite whatever shenanighans Macmillan gets up to, I can’t deny that they also publish the kind of books I love and that’s why they always seem to be up ahead in the percentage.

Taking into account my reading slump and being unable to focus on big books, I think I am managing quite okay and writing this post has made me quite happy. I might be taking it slow, but it’s still progress and I hope it will continue for the rest of the year.

How has your reading been like for the past few months? Has life during the pandemic affected your reading adversely or changed your reading habits? Do share any other thoughts you have with me in the comments below..

20 thoughts on “2020 Third Quarter Wrap Up

Add yours

    1. Haha that’s a fun goal Leslie… I would love to see your charts !!! I’m sure you will have many many huge books on your chart which is one goal I have completely missed… 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HAHA! I wouldn’t even know where to start!! lol Omg… normally.. I totally would. I have read a lot of chunky books since like May. Maybe that’s why I’m slumpish now. hehe.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ohh I use templates that a couple of other bloggers usually prepare at the beginning of the new year… otherwise I’m pretty ignorant about using spreadsheets and making charts.
          Im sure you’ll find your groove back and be out of this slump soon… Maybe you can read some short stories in the meantime 😊😊

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ahhh, gotcha!! I’ll have to keep an eye out when the new year rolls around. I’m sure I could search the reader too!

            Yeah, a lot has been going on… once things settle down, I’m sure it will be fine! Although, the holidays are coming. Hahaha!

            Liked by 1 person

  1. It was so much fun to glance at your stats! and wow, 160 books! I’m barely able to read 50 a year.
    I’ve also been enjoying audiobooks a lot, especially since I got Scribd early September and have already listened to 2 books!
    And wow, 60% reviews is crazy! I’m the worst when it comes to reviews and well, these days I’ve mainly just been focussing on writing reviews for blog tours and just not even glancing at the other books for reviews to write haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh but you have to study Jayati… I have nothing else to do and reading keeps my mind from exploding 😂😂
      I’m glad you are loving audiobooks too. I still prefer it for nonfiction, but maybe I’ll try for other genres too.
      Even I’ve actually reduced the number of reviews I write because I’m unable to find the motivation, but they are still what I like writing the most. And after cutting down my schedule, I wanted to keep posting them and stop everything else. Let’s see when I’ll pick up on writing other stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. But a quarter of them are less than 200 pages, short stories are definitely less than 50… 😜😜😜
          And I’ve slowed down a lot babe… I used to read even more 😂😂😂😂
          Thank you !!! And happy reading to you !!


    1. Awww thank you Meaghan… that’s very sweet of you 😊😊 And I’m definitely trying to keep up with my goals even if it hasn’t been easy. Short stories and novellas seem to help though 😍😍


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