The Week Gone By 11/23

Hello everyone !!! How are you all doing? I have finally decided to travel home to India to hunker down there for a while, so I may actually be missing from my blog from mid-December, but I can’t say anything about it. However, making this decision finally seemed to have freed me from some anxiety, because I spent most of last week actually reading a lot and enjoying it too. So, let me get started on talking all about them πŸ™‚

I have actually been dreading to pick this up because I wasn’t sure if I could handle this dark story during these anxious times. But on the day of the release, I just started reading and then didn’t stop till I finished. It is brutal and very realistically depicts the futility and the devastation that a war causes, while also showing us parallels to the mid 20th centure rise of Mao Zedong. It was an absolutely fitting and satisfying finale, and I feel lucky to have read this trilogy and gotten to experience Kuang’s amazing writing. I actually had a lot more to say about the book, so you can read my review here.

This is an English translation of an older Japanese murder mystery novel that is being published soon, and it’s a very proper homage to Agatha Christie’s And There Were None. It follows a similar theme of an isolated island and a group of people getting systematically murdered, and despite it’s inspiration to the original, it was a good enjoyable read and I thought the translation was also quite excellent.

This has been a fun series with interesting concepts and I was quite excited to read the third installment. This has the friends to lovers trope, which I absolutely adore and despite some angsty moments, it was overall very enjoyable and I had a good time reading it. Some of the discussions about toxic masculinity and relationships have now started to feel a bit repetitive, but the next book seems to going in a very different direction and I hope it’ll be equally exciting.

This was just a short story about the wedding of Nic and Cam, my two most favorites from the author’s Whiskey Verse, that it made me very very happy despite being just a few pages. And I thought the concept of the whole gang planning a surprise wedding for the grooms because the two workaholics kept postponing it, was absolutely hilarious. Finally the series feels complete, but I do hope the author revisits it again and writes stories for some of the wonderful side characters.

I don’t why I decided I wanted to pick up this favorite finale of mine again, but I started the audiobook this time and got sucked into the story all over again. It’s beautiful and the writing is exciting and tense and angsty, and I was mesmerized despite knowing it all. It made me so emotional, and I feel like I might actually go backwards and listen to the other two audiobooks as well.

I absolutely adored the movie when it released and have seen it multiple times, just soaking up the gorgeousness of Gemma Chan and Henry Golding, as well as Singapore in general. I found it highly entertaining and the book is no different. I listened to the audio and the narrator Lynn Chen does a spectacular job bringing all the hilarious shenanighans and the dramatic nature of the story to life. I don’t know when I will continue the series, but I definitely hope I will get to do it through the audio format.

This book doesn’t release till February, so I wasn’t planning on reading it anytime soon. But all the undermining of the election process and results, and attempts to disenfranchise millions of people that is going on currently, and simultaneously also seeing calls by pundits urging the democrats to reach out to the right wing for the sake of unity, made me want to pick this up. The author traces back to the days of slavery and from then on till now, through the various people’s movements that have happened, opens our eyes to the fact that fight for equal rights and justice doesn’t succeed by being civil but through radical nonviolent action. I found it very prescient to our current situation and would definitely recommend it, especially to those who think a bipartisan and compromising kind of politics is possible anymore. My review will be coming soon.

I have also started listening to both these audiobooks. I am pretty sure I can finish The Ever Cruel Kingdom soon, but the president’s memoir is gonna be a while because I am taking it very slow.

I have not been keeping track of many new releases except the ones that are already on my TBR, so Ruinsong is the only one I know which is coming out tomorrow. I honestly don’t know much about it and was initially attracted to it because of that gorgeous purple cover, but I’ve heard good things about it and am very excited to read it. Hopefully the library waitlist won’t be too long.

It’s already the semifinal time on Great British Baking Show and things took quite an unexpected turn. I’m now very excited to see who wins the finale.

I also binge watched the season of Crown and thought the acting by everyone was spectacular as expected. As someone who doesn’t know almost anything about Margaret Thatcher, the episode about South African apartheid regime was particularly illuminating and infuriating.

Xiao Zhan’s drama The Wolf finally has some episodes out but I haven’t started watching yet, though I have been following all the clippings on twitter and discord, which is only making me more excited. Hopefully I will binge it when more episodes with English subtitles are out.

These stunning cover reveals happened in the past week, and that only increases my interest in them. I’m particularly enamored by the cover of She Who Became the Sun and I can’t wait to read it.

How has your week been like? What exciting books did you read or are you waiting to pick up soon? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below…

9 thoughts on “The Week Gone By 11/23

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    1. Ohh I’m glad to see you read Decagon House murders too !!! None of my friends have it on their tbr so it’s nice to have company 😊😊😊
      I hope you like the Poppy War trilogy coz it’s such a favorite of mine !!

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  1. Oh wow you read so much!
    I’m currently rereading the Poppy War and then the Dragon Republic, so that I can read The Burning God right away when it arrives later this week!

    Enjoy your reading!


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    1. This was a particularly good week Evelyn !!! Wow you are rereading TPW 😳😳 I don’t think I can handle that yet… maybe an year later I can read all three of them again… Hope you’ll love Burning God 😍😍

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