Bookish Academy Awards 2021

I have actually been in a pretty bad reading/blogging mood for the past couple of weeks and I wasn’t sure if I would even write up any new post. But then I decided maybe writing one and sharing with you all might make me feel better, so here I am with one of those posts which I love writing yearly. I usually schedule this post during the week of the Oscars, because it feels like awards season but I thought why wait this time around when everything has been disrupted due to COVID19. Anyways, lets get onto better things and read about all the wonderful books of 2020 that I wanna give awards to.

Best Actor:
“Best Male Protagonist”

I can’t say I really love the bodyguard romance trope a lot, but Alisha definitely made me fall in love with it in Girl Gone Viral. Jas is the bodyguard but he is also extremely sweet, caring and considerate and you just wanna swoon at the way he adores and respects Katrina. Definitely one memorable hero from last year.

Best Actress:
“Best Female Protagonist”

This category is always the hardest for me because I read so many books with wonderful female protagonists every year and 2020 was no different. But if there is one badass literary young woman to whom I feel this year belongs to, it’s Fang Runin from The Burning God. She survives so much across this trilogy and goes through so much trauma that honestly, I never understood how she finds the strength to move forward every single time. There’s no one more deserving than her for this category.

Best Cinematography:
“Best Plot Twist”

I binged the Ember quartet last year and frankly, every single act in this series has a plot twist and the author just kills you with the twists and turns and angst.

Best Costume Design:
“Best Book Cover”

I usually love bright and bold colored covers, but despite the muted grey tones, I absolutely adore this cover of The Bone Shard Daughter. Especially the key at the center symbolizes so much about the magic system, that I find it pretty awesome.

Best Supporting Actress and Actor:
“Best Male and Female Sidekicks/Supporting characters”

For the best side characters, I definitely want to choose Helene from the Ember Quartet, and Chen Kitay from The Poppy War trilogy. They almost function like a main character, especially in the case of Helene who has her own POV and they definitely make the books more amazing with their presence.

Best On-Screen Kiss:
“Best Couple/Romance”

This category is the most obvious one. Because if there’s one couple I’ve been obsessed with since the middle of last year, it’s Wei Ying and Lan Zhan from MoDau ZhuShi, and I still can’t stop reading fanfiction about them. Wangxian is goals !!!!!

Best Original Screenplay:
“Most Unique Plot/World”

Right from page one, the thing you will notice about this series is how unique and fascinating this world is, as well as how different the author’s storytelling style is. My only wish is that this is not the end, and we get more books set in this world.

Best Adapted Screenplay:
“Best Book-to-Movie Adaptation” OR “A book that should be adapted into a film”

This is absolutely brilliant in any form – whether it’s the book, the live action adaptation or the anime adaptation. Even the Chibi version is damn adorable. The only one I’m yet to check out is the webcomic, but I will read that one day too.

Best Animated Feature:
“A book that would work well in an animated format” OR “Best Graphic Novel” OR “Best Children’s Book”

Ritu Weds Chandni is the only children’s book I read last year and it’s LGBTQ+ inclusive messaging through the eyes of a child was both delightful and oh so necessary.

Krishna: A Journey Within is a stunning graphic novel featuring some parts of Lord Krishna’s story and I can’t talk enough about it’s gorgeousness. It’s a bit expensive, but I do hope I will be able to buy the hardcover one day.

Best Director:
“A writer you discovered for the first time”

P. Djeli Clark was my discovery of the year and every single book of his I read last year was just spectacular. My most highly anticipated book release of 2021 is also by Clark and I can’t wait to get to it soon.

Best Short Film:
“Best Novella” or “Short Book”

It’s impossible that Djeli Clark’s books don’t show up more than a couple of times in any list I make for 2020. So obviously, my favorite novella/short story of last year are the stories in the Cairo series.

Best Picture:
“Best Stand-Alone”

I’m usually not very big on reading standalones, but novellas seem to be my favorites these days and if there’s one I can pick, it has to be Ring Shout. The way the author wove history and horror together, along with a cast of badass female characters – it was stunning to read.

Best Documentary:
“Best Historical Fiction” OR “Best Non-Fiction”

Stamped by Jason Reynolds and Dr. Ibram X. Kendi is definitely the most amazing YA non fiction I’ve ever read, and it would also doubly qualify to be the best audiobook because Jason’s narration is so engaging and emotional.

Best Original Soundtrack:
“Best Audio book” or “Best Book in Verse”

Michelle Obama brings magic to her memoir through her narration, and honestly I couldn’t choose any other as my favorite audiobook I read in 2020.

Best Foreign Film:
“Best diverse author” OR “Best book with Diverse Representation”

Definitely Raybearer. Through this magnificent debut, the author shows how much diverse the cultures can be even when the story is inspired by African folklore, and the themes of found family and the perils of homogenization are sensitively portrayed. My favorite debut of last year and I am so so excited to read the sequel soon.

And that ends my awards for the year of hell 2020. However much I felt troubled and depressed last year, these books made me feel better and I am so happy that I get to share it with you all.

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  1. Fang Runin is truly one of the best female protagonists ever! I mean she’s so morally grey and yet I wanted her to win!?!?
    I also really enjoyed Raybearer and can not wait to read the next book in the series!

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