Books by Black Authors I Can’t Wait to Read in 2021

I had so many plans to write up posts for Black History Month when February started, but my slump arrived and I just couldn’t even make myself pick up the laptop, nor could I come up with any ideas that someone else hadn’t already done. But as the month comes to an end today, I decided I want to celebrate the Black authors whose work I am very excited to read and what better way than to share it with you all. So, let me tell you all about some of the books which are at the top of my TBR in 2021.

Anthology and Short Story Collections

I did start reading the Dominion anthology this month, which is a collection of stories by many renowned as well as new African and diaspora authors. Whatever I read till now has been very fascinating and unique, and I can’t wait for my reading slump to go so that I can continue with it.

I’ve only read Kindred by Octavia Butler which was brilliant and I know I wanna read more of her seminal work. But I also feel like her stories can be brutal and challenging, so I want to try the Bloodchild And Other Stories collection by her and enjoy her writing in he shorter format first.

Dazzling Debuts

I have heard absolutely wonderful things about The Unbroken and the fact that it is a sapphic fantasy, while also having themes of colonialism and revolution is exactly what I love in books these days. And did you look at those arms on the cover…. how can anyone resist ???

Super exciting Sequels

Both Redemptor and A Master of Djinn are sequels to two of my top favorite stories of last year, Raybearer and A Dead Djinn in Cairo. And I can’t tell you how much I wanna jump about in joy that I got approved for both the sequels.

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin was a solid debut with beautiful sibling relationships, a very unique magic system and a perfect enemies to lovers dynamic… so it’s obvious that I can’t wait to see what the author does in this sequel.

Terrifying New Releases

Cinderella is Dead was a pretty cool debut and I enjoyed it’s theme of destroying the patriarchy. So, I’m doubly excited for the author’s sophomore novel because This Poison Heart seems darker and more exciting.

The writing style in The Deep may have taken some getting used to but it was a very emotional and moving read, and I’m definitely expecting something similar with Sorrowland as well.

To be honest, I don’t know much about Son of the Storm except that the cover looks stunning and that’s why I wanna read the book.

Complete a Trilogy

I was supposed to have read Witchmark in 2020 but obviously things didn’t go according to plan. Now that the whole trilogy is out, maybe I’ll decide to binge it when mood strikes me.

Reflective Non Fiction

How the Word is Passed seems like an excellent reflective book about history – both remembered and forgotten – and how the legacy of slavery is still shaping contemporary America. I have not read any poems by Clint Smith but hopefully, I’ll get to read some of them before this book releases.

And these are just the books I know that I would love to read this year by Black authors. I am pretty sure there will be many more exciting new announcements and covers coming soon or it might strike my fancy to read more nonfiction, and then this list will only increase. Are you all excited for any of these books too? Have you already gotten through any of the advance copies? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. I’m reading “The Unbroken” and “Dominion,” and so far, they’re amazing! I started “Stormsong,” and it’s a great sequel to “Witchmark.” “Sorrowland” is going to be EPIC, I just know it!!!

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