The Week Gone By 4/5/21

Welcome to a new month and I hope you are all doing well. I can’t say I have had a great past week, what with me suffering from cold and cough as well as constant headaches. I am just grateful it’s not covid19. My reading seems to also have slowed down too, but I am feeling okay about that currently. So, let me get on with my updates post.

This was one of my most anticipated finales of this year and I was ecstatic to pick it up right on the day of the release. And I truly can’t be objective or unbiased about it because the Grishaverse is a favorite world of mine and I just can’t hate any book in this world, however it might be. This book felt like a great comfort for me, just being back among all my favorite characters, especially from across all the series, getting upto all kinds of shenanighans. Zoya and Nikolai have all my heart, their quiet yearning and angst giving me all the emotional depth I needed. Nina and Hanne’s story was full of twists and turns, and the Darkling was as much an enigma as always. The cameos were super fun and reminded me how much I love this series. I was definitely left feeling bittersweet thinking this is the last story in this world, but I hope the author will return to it one day.

Stephen Fry’s narration style is definitely a lot of fun and this was nice to listen to as expected. But as I’m very unfamiliar with Greek mythology, I really couldn’t keep track of the heroes whose stories were being told. But the stories were cool, fascinating, full of twists and turns and betrayals – maybe if there were fewer stories and they were expanded upon more, the book might have been more memorable. Overall, a good one for a one time read. But may not be for readers well versed in the mythology.

QiYe/ Lord Seventh is a prequel to Faraway Wanderers which I read a couple of weeks ago. As it’s another translation and seems to have lot more court politics and intrigue in it, I’m reading it pretty slowly. But I have heard it has an excellent love triangle and I can’t resist that.

I have also started reading one of my top 5 anticipated books of this year, A Master of Djinn. The author P. Djeli Clark is truly a master of craft and world building, and I am having such a fun time hanging out with Agent Fatma in this beautiful magical city of Cairo.

Just like most of March, this month is again just waiting for new episodes of Word of Honor. This chemistry and angst between the main leads is killing me and I end up browsing the #wordofhonor on twitter most of the time because I don’t wanna get out of this world.

But I was so distraught while waiting for Word of Honor episodes that I decided to binge watch another romcom cdrama featuring Gong Jun called Begin Again. This was funny and emotional and angsty, cringey at places, but so full of heart. I was laughing and crying, but just was overall happy to watch it. And the highlight has to be the little boy Ha Ni who is super cute and adorable and has too many wonderful dialogues.

Also, I don’t know what has come over me but I have been watching a lot of BTS music videos for the past few days. I have never really been interested in kpop before and this is my first time, but I have to agree their music is so much fun. I am hopeful I will keep discovering more of their works.

These are two cover reveals in the recent weeks that left an impression on me with how gorgeous they are. I am so happy that many Asian authors are getting such beautiful covers these days and I hope they also get all the support and marketing that they deserve.

I am also participating in two readathons this month. The first is Mythothon hosted by Louise @ Foxes and Fairytales and the other one is ARC April @ Disappearing into Books. Above are my TBRs for the two. Let’s see how many prompts I will actually be able to read.

And that’s it for my update this week. Hopefully I will be back next week with more. Wishing you all a happy reading week ahead. And let me know in the comments below any thoughts or book recommendations you have for me 🙂

11 thoughts on “The Week Gone By 4/5/21

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  1. Get well soon Sahi!! I will be starting Word of honour soon too heheh… I still have to read P Djeli Clark’s works and I’ve been putting him off for too long. Maybe April will change things?

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    1. Ahhh another show to gush with you about 😍😍😍😍
      And you have to read Clark’s works… start with the short story coz it’s still one of my top favorites 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh no I hope you’re feeling better and that the cold disappears quickly for you. I love books that you know you’ll love just because it’s like coming home when you go back to the world that you know.

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