May TBR: ARMYdathon and Asian Readathon

I may not always complete whatever readathons I participate in, but it’s always fun to make TBRs, try to read some of those books and join in with all the fellow readers who are also taking part in it. As May is AAPI month, we have an Asian readathon organized by Cindy and ARMYdathon inspired by BTS organized by Kat. As I am always up for reading books by Asian authors, I am very excited to participate in these two readathons and hope some of you are too.

There are 8 prompts for the readathon which are listed below and I thought they seem pretty interesting.

I have only found 7 books for the TBR for now and I am okay with that because who knows if I will even complete all of them.

This one thankfully has only five challenges and we can combine them for our convenience. We also need to read each book of a different ethnicity, so figuring out books for this was fun.

I have decided I will only read three books for this readathon, a couple of them which also match with the prompts of ARMYdathon and hopefully I will complete atleast this one.

And that’s it for today….!!!! If any of you are participating in these readathons too, do let me know so that we chat about them and maybe even buddy read a book if we plan to read the same one. Hope you all have a great reading month in May.

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