Wyrd and Wonder TBR

I tried to participate in Wyrd and Wonder organized by Imyril,  Lisa and Jorie last year as well, but the pandemic was affecting my mental health then and I wasn’t able to post or read much. However, despite the pandemic situation being even more worse this time in India, I wanna try and participate this year, and maybe it will distract me enough from the outside world.

Fantasy is my most favorite genre and maybe it is my privilege, but I find joy in being able to escape into secondary worlds with magic and creatures and monsters and so much more. So, a month celebrating this wonderful genre is totally my cup of tea and I can’t wait to engage with everyone else who loves fantasy too.

You can find all the details about the process of signing up for this month log extravaganza and the readalongs and giveaways on Imyril’s blog here and about all the challenge prompts for the month at the post here.

For now, I am only planning to write posts for about 4-5 prompts because I can’t seem to find enough material to write for everything else. But I am sure I will have lot of fun reading everyone else’s posts about their favorite fantasy books, movies, games etc.

I am also participating in the ARMYdathon and Asian Readathon this month, so I have decided to combine all of them and read some excellent fantasy books which I have advance copies of or have been waiting for a while to read.

I used to be able to read so many more books in a month before, but now even planning for these 8 fantasy novels seems a bit too much. And I am too much of a mood reader to stick to this list, but I am going to try and maybe I will find some favorites this month.

Are a fantasy fan like me? Are you participating in Wyrd and Wonder too? Do you have any recommendations for amazing fantasy series that you think I should read this month? Do let me know all your thoughts in the comments below…

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