WW: Upcoming Fantasy Releases I can’t Wait to Read

Hey everyone!!! How are you all doing? I have been in a bad reading slump due to all the anxious situations around me, and haven’t even been able to blog much this month. But I do have a lot of amazing books on my TBR, so I thought it might be fun to talk to you all about some of my highly anticipated upcoming fantasy releases this year as part of Wyrd and Wonder. So let’s not wait and get started….

I became interested in this book when I first saw it’s gorgeous physical ARCs, which I thought were even better looking than this cover. And realizing its inspired from Hungarian history and Jewish mythology, both of which I know hardly anything about, I am very excited to get to it and know more about all the magic it contains.

Jane Eyre is not one of my favorite classics, but it’s definitely an interesting one and I think rich enough to inspire many retellings. So, that’s how this Ethipian inspired, gothic fantasy horror Jane Eyre retelling came onto my radar. It’s release is still a ways away but I am so happy that I got the ARC.

This is the one book in this list that I know nothing about. And I don’t even want to go into it with a lot of research. I added it to my TBR because it was highly recommended by one of my favorite GR reviewers and booktubers, Petrik Leo and I just want to dive straight into it and see what it’s all about.

This is the only sequel/finale on this list (because trust me.. I have too many lists) and I can’t wait to see how the story of Silas Bershad and the dragons of Terra will end.

C. S. Pacat is a brilliant writer whose style of building up tension slowly such that the payoff is explosive, is something that I completely adore – and I can’t wait to see what more she has up her sleeve in her YA debut novel.

After Cinderella is Dead, I am very sure that the author is going to give us another tale of empowerment of a young woman with strong and mysterious powers, in her sophomore book. This cover is gorgeous and I hope the book will live up to all my expectations.

A story of a young princess with forbidden magic who has to use it in order to save her kingdom and her brothers, this book feels like it will be amazing. And just look at the cover… I can just stare at it for ages.

I haven’t actually completed reading the author’s The Merciful Crow duology but I know I will love the finale. However, I am already excited for her second series, which is a Goose Girl retelling from the POV of the maid. While I only have a basic idea about the fairytale, I am already interested to see how this will turn out.

I only know the basics of the King Arthur myth and maybe remember a little of what happened in the tv show Merlin, so I have no clue who Lady of Shallot is. But I have heard her name, and I am very interested to see how the author will depict an Arthurian retelling from the POV of a woman.

Reading the Poppy War trilogy and binge watching quite a few cdramas has increased my interest in reading more of Chinese history/mythology inspired stories, and that’s why I added this book to my TBR. A queer reimagining of the rise of the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty sounds terribly exciting and I have only heard absolutely wonderful things about this debut.

Dark academia is not something that I usually prefer but I trust Victoria to create some brilliant characters in a wonderful queernormative world, and I am sure this book with it’s exploration of witchcraft and the occult will be as compelling and hard hitting as their debut duology.

And that concludes my current list of highly anticipated releases of this year. Are any of these on your TBR as well? Have you already read any of these books? Do let me know your thoughts, or also any other upcoming fantasy releases which you think I should add to my TBR….

15 thoughts on “WW: Upcoming Fantasy Releases I can’t Wait to Read

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  1. This is a great list!! A few of these books are also on my anticipated books list including She Who Became the Sun, Within These Wicked Walls, and Six Crimson Cranes. I love that cover of Six Crimson Cranes…it’s so pretty!

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  2. I am so excited to read Six Crimson Cranes and She Who Became the Sun. And I totally forgot about A Lesson in vengeance 😦 Need to check if I had even requested it.

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