The Week Gone By 6/14/21

Another week has gone by and though I am still not completely in the mood to read, and more and more ARCs are getting overdue, I still thought this was a better week than before and I can only hope it continues to get better. So let me share with you all what I have been doing…

This book has finally come to an end after me trying to listen to the audiobook for months. It truly wasn’t the fault of the book though. I just wasn’t able to keep up my interest in an audio without getting distracted, especially during my reading slump. But I did finish the second half of the book fairly quickly. This was a very interesting sequel, especially considering what a different turn it took from it’s predecessor. While Ancillary Justice was a lot about building tension to lead up to an explosive ending, this was more of a slice of life space opera story, with getting to know more about the cultures and customs of the different people, their daily lives and motivations, and just what happens in a station when it’s pretty much cut off from the rest of the empire. The themes of imperialism, discrimination, cultural erasure and all are still explored and it makes for a quiet but powerful story. I’m now very excited to see how this trilogy ends.

I hadn’t even heard much about this book and only decided to pick it up on a whim because Tasha Suri was gushing about it on twitter. And it was the right decision. Promoted as a Machiavellian fantasy, this debut is full of court politics, fascinating cast of characters and a main protagonist who I couldn’t help but fall in love with, lots of tension and never knowing who to trust and where the next betrayal would come from, a world full of different cultures and people with their own ideas about power and privilege and a whole lot of age old feuds, and a cool elemental magic system with fascinating magical creatures. This is a very slow burn story with few action sequences, but it was worth it because the author’s prose is exquisite and I kept highlighting so many beautiful lines. It is also a queernormative world and it’s always nice to see a cast of characters across the spectrum.

I’ve been getting through this audiobook very slowly and it’s been such an experience. While it was somewhat heartening to see the work being done by Monticello and Whitney plantations to bring real history to light, the past is still horrifying and the chapter about the Angola prison in Louisiana was very tough to get through. To be honest, I am dreading but also can’t wait to see where else the author visits next and what more will I learn.

Maiden Holmes turned out to be an okay drama which I was entertained throughout, but don’t think will be memorable after a while. The plot itself was a bit predictable and the mysteries weren’t very engaging, but the characters and their friendships kept me going. I really liked the main actor Zhang Ling He though and wouldn’t mind checking out his other stuff.

I took some time to figure out what to watch next and started Fights Break Sphere (Battle Through the Heavens) assuming it’s wuxia too, but turns out it’s a fantasy. I’ve only watched three episodes though and while the cute Leo Wu has kept me going, the show itself hasn’t captured my heart yet. I’ll probably watch a couple more episodes and decide if I wanna continue.

And that’s the update for the past week. It was definitely a better reading week, but probably not so much on the binge watching side. If I get too moody and frustrated though, I always have Word of Honor to fall back on 🙂 How has your week been like? Did you discover any new favorite books, shows or music? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below….

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