The Week Gone By 6/28/21

After feeling extra happy last Monday that I had read 4 books, this week slowed down again with me being only able to finish one book. But I somehow don’t feel too bad about it and I guess I am just glad that I am feeling good in my head. So, let’s get into it..!!!

I have only read the Monstress graphic novel series before by the author which has some stunning art and many brilliant female characters, so it was not a surprise to see that this collection of stories is also full of strong and resilient women who will do whatever it takes to survive, and to protect the ones they love. With lush and vivid descriptions of mystical woods, some very gory occurrences that’ll make you uncomfortable, and characters whose brilliance shines even in just a few pages, the author makes some interesting commentary on love, loneliness, desperation and survival. Definitely recommend if you are looking for some dark fairytale-esque stories.

After watching the show Nirvana in Fire, I couldn’t resist picking up the book it’s based on, LangYa Bang and was not at all surprised to see that the book is equally brilliant. I have about 40 more chapters to go in the translation and I can only be prepared for the emotional and tragic moments to come.

As expected, Nirvana in Fire has quickly cemented it’s place in my heart as one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. It’s been a while since any media has made me weep at multiple moments, and this one just evoked all kinds of emotions in me. I don’t wanna say anymore because I am hoping I will be able to write a coherent post about the book and show sometime soon here on the blog. In the meantime, all I can say is that please please… go watch it if you haven’t already.

Because I decided to rewatch NiF immediately after finishing it first time, I only managed to catch the first three episodes of The Long Ballad. It hasn’t yet captured all my attention and I’m pretty confused about the who’s who, but everyone is pretty gorgeous and the production quality seems very good. Let’s hope I’ll continue watching it this week, instead of drowning in The Untamed 2nd anniversary feels.

A new beginning, and a much awaited conclusion – The Poison Heart and The Chariot at Dusk release tomorrow and I am so dying to read these two as soon as possible.

These two covers released last week and what can I say… I am just in awe of them and want to keep staring all the time. The Bone Shard Emperor is a much anticipated sequel, and I can’t wait to see where the author takes this story next and what’s gonna happen to my favorite smuggler and his animal companion. On the other hand, Kaikeyi is a Ramayana retelling from the perspective of the much infamous queen who is the major catalyst for the story, and after looking at the unbelievably beautiful cover, I can only await the book with bated breath.

That’s what I’ve been doing..!!! What about you? Any new books which you found wonderful that you think I should checkout? Any new cdramas I can pick up next…. Hope you all have a great week ahead 🙂

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