The Week Gone By – 7/26/20

After a pretty uneventful 2 weeks in mid-July, this past one seemed a bit better with me feeling a little refreshed and interested in reading for a change. Let’s hope the gloomy weather lets up and brighter days are ahead.

This may not have been one of my highly anticipated books of this year, but I definitely was excited for this finale and immediately had to buy the audiobook upon release. This is the second desi SFF trilogy finishing this year (among my reads) and it gives me immense joy that these books rooted in my culture and history exist and I get to experience them. But this finale is probably not gonna be one of my favorites. While it was a fast paced entertaining adventure, I just felt there was a spark missing which delighted me when I first read The Tiger at Midnight. The plot felt a bit predictable and the romance also wasn’t prominent, with the hint of love triangle actually not feeling interesting at all. However, I still think it’s a good enough YA romantic adventure trilogy for any potential readers of the genre.

This was such an unexpected little novella. I didn’t think I would ever pickup a book in a genre called Biocyberpunk, but here I am because I enjoyed one of the author’s previous short story. With it’s story within a story narrative device, rooted in Asian history and culture, the author deeply explores themes of grief and oppression and trauma, and how they affect us, sometimes even without us knowing that we are experiencing the effects. Another thing that really connected to me was the subtle discussion about borders and immigration, and how this has a disparate impact on one’s core identity as well as relationship with family. We meet many amazing characters within the narrated stories as well as the main plotline, who give us glimpses into understanding what having agency and being able to make choices means, and questioning us if we have the strength to face the consequences. Overall, this was a very unique, one of a kind book which even if confusing at times, is something to be experienced.

I just finished the book and I am still reeling amidst it’s brilliance, so I don’t have any articulate thoughts about it right now. Just that it’s combination of lyrical and haunting writing, characters who are ruthless and ambitious but still we can’t help but root for, and a plot that is written so well that even when we can sometimes predict what is going to happen, the journey feels worth it. I’ll probably write a more detailed review in a couple of days but for now, I can just say that it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long long time and I’m delighted to have finally finished the sapphic trifecta.

I have been searching for the next wuxia cdrama that would impress me and happened upon Handsome Siblings on Netflix which has good ratings. There were many parts of this drama which I felt were unnecessarily draggy and I wanted to just fast forward stuff, but I lived for the awesome bonding moments between the two male leads and the excellently choreographed fight sequences. And I have to mention, Chen Zheyuan is so so adorable.

These two covers released last week and I’m totally impressed. After the wonderful debut The Gilded Ones, I am happy to see the sequel The Merciless One keeps the gold tones on the cover because of them go together beautifully. On the other hand, I haven’t read A Chorus of Dragons series but I do have them on my TBR and this cover of the final book is absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to start this series πŸ™‚

I am participating in the Olympic Games readathon this month as part of Team Hades and I am so happy that I already finished the mandatory challenges, and now proceeding with the bonus ones. You can click here if you wanna follow my reading updates.

This one has been fun because I am a typical mood reader and I just have one more prompt to go, which I hope I can manage this week.

And that’s all for my weekly update πŸ™‚ How have you all doing? Any lovely books that have brought you joy in these still tough times? Please feel free to recommend me any books or cdramas that you think I might enjoy.

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    1. You have read A Chorus of Dragons series right ?? Is it exciting ?? And The Gilded Ones was pretty intense and interesting, so hope you’ll enjoy it too 😊


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