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I used to love writing tag posts every week but it’s been almost an year now that I mostly stopped that, and have been very infrequent about posting anything other than reviews. This means that I have a huge backlog of tags I had bookmarked and I feel I should try posting some of them now. So, here I am with this fun tag where I am going to predict what I think about the books that are next on my TBR.

Before I start, here are the rules…


.x. pingback to the creator of the tag, @bookprincessreviews .x.
.x. tag the person who tagged you .x.
.x. find an answer to match each prompt .x.
.x. have fun! .x.

All of these prompts are your predictions for your…

Next Read

I truly don’t know much about it and it’s not even that talked about in my blogging circles, but I just happened upon it while browsing Netgalley and requested the arc. It’s been a while since I’ve read proper dystopian novel, so maybe this book will revive my interest in the subgenre again and I’m looking forward to it.

Next 5 Star Read

I have only read absolutely wonderful things about this book, the author Xiran is such fun on twitter and the idea of an SF version of the story of Chinese Empress Wu Zetian with a polyamorous romance sounds very exciting. I can’t wait and hope this will live up to my expectations.

Next 1 Star Read

Why would I even want to read a book that I think I might hate?

Next Love Interest (or Character that Seems Really Cool to You)

How can I even guess which character I might love most among my upcoming reads? So, I’m gonna cheat a little because Heated Rivalry is on my Tropeical Readathon TBR for the reread prompt, and I am already dying to meet Ilya and Shane again, both of whom are such amazing characters.

Next Book You’ll Be Buying

I don’t plan much on buying books because my budget is limited and I rely a lot on my library. But I recently bought the first book of the Condor Heroes series, A Hero Born, during a sale. If I enjoy that, I will definitely be buying A Bond Undone next.

I also didn’t manage to get the arc of Dark Rise, so I will probably buy the audiobook when it releases. There’s no way I am gonna miss a new book by Pacat.

Next Book That Will Leave You with a Book Hangover (and Desperately Wanting a Reread or Next in Series)

Last year, I had a huge book hangover when I finished Raybearer and I immediately reread it. So, I have no doubts that I will have very similar feelings about Redemptor as well.

It’s been a long while, so I am not sure who to tag. If you wanna do this tag, please feel free and do link back to me so I can see your predictions as well. And I hope you enjoyed reading my answers as well.

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  1. Lol that 1 star prediction question is very odd. I read Sweet Harmony recently, my first Clare North book, and thought it was very good. Quite uncomfortable at times but also very well-written and thought provoking. Def made me want to read more of her stuff so I’ll be looking into Notes from the Burning Age.

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