2021 Third Quarter Wrap-Up + Five Star Predictions

Hey everyone!!!! It’s already time for the end of the third quarter of this year. I felt like these past three months went pretty fast. I’ve had some very bad days but some good ones too, so I guess overall I have managed fine. But I hope every one of you is doing well. I don’t know if colorful graphs cheer you up but I do love them, so let me sum up my reading year till now.

My goal for this year was again 130 but Goodreads kept showing me that I was lagging behind schedule and it was making me anxious, so I decided to bring it down to 120. Since then, I have been not worrying too much about numbers and just reading whenever I’m in the mood for it, which means I have had some wonderful reading weeks making my total now at 106.

My only goal regarding genres this year was to read atleast 15% each of Non fiction and Sci-fi but I have stopped worrying about it anymore. Things in the real world are too awful for me to want to read non-fiction these days, so you can see how my Fantasy and Sci-Fi counts are up at 44% and 17% respectively. I dont see this changing much at the end of the year either.

It’s funny to see both Hardcover and Paperback formats finally make an entry on this graph, but it was just one book each. I’m as always attached to my Kindle and loving my ebooks, but my audiobook numbers are up as well which makes me happy. These days, I’m even able to finish complete books in the audiobook without changing to the ebook in between, as well as retaining information after listening, so I can definitely see me go for more audiobooks in the future.

My goal for this year is to read atleast 30% of my owned TBR, and I guess I’m okay that I am just about at 20%. It’s not gonna be easy to increase this because I am always buying more and I don’t think I can control myself.

This is another not surprising stat because I do read a lot of ARCs and I seem unable to stop myself from requesting more. But I am also glad that I am getting some backlist books into the read column.

Well, as expected, it makes me very happy that most of the books I read are 4 star and above, because what would be the fun in reading if I didn’t enjoy them. And I’m glad to all the blogger friends and authors on twitter who bring more and more wonderful books onto my radar.

As usual, I seem to be sticking to moderately sized books and some novellas. I do wanna read long ones because I own a lot of them, but anything more than 500 makes me pretty anxious these days. Let’s hope I do get to some of the chonks on my shelf.

And that’s it for the wrap-up. I didn’t wanna bombard with too many charts, so I hope you enjoyed the few I did include. Now let me move on to how I did with the five star predictions for the last quarter and what I think I will towards the end of this year.

Third Quarter Predictions

I managed to read 5 books out of these except Fury of a Demon. She Who Became the Sun and Redemptor were instant 5 stars because they are brilliant and have surely made onto my all time favorites list. I also gave four stars to both Iron Widow and Six Crimson Cranes, both amazing reads but I have to mention that Iron Widow is pretty unforgettable. The Boy With Fire ended up being a 3.5 but I did like it overall, especially towards the end.

Fourth Quarter Predictions

The release of Jade Legacy is less than two months away, so it’s time I read Jade War as well and I’m very confident both of them will be my favorites.

The Gutter Prayer is one of those impulse buys on my TBR because all the reviewers I like loved the book. But I hardly know anything about it and can only hope it is awesome.

C. S. Pacat is an all time favorite author and I don’t think Dark Rise can be anything other than a 5 star.

Ofcourse, Fury of a Demon has made it here again because I know I will love it and hope I will pick it up soon.

The Bone Shard Daughter was a top favorite of 2020, so I am fairly confident that the sequel will be even better.

And that’s all I am willing to predict for now because I think I will read these books. Other than that, let’s wait and see what else I will pick up based on my mood. Hope you enjoyed my post and I wish you have a great rest of the year ahead.

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  1. Wow, your reading stats are so good! I’m trying to hit 100 books for the year which is more than I normally read. And I’m also hoping to tackle both Jade War and Jade Legacy this quarter too😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m mostly at home, so have lot of time to read… my current reading has slowed down due to the pandemic and it’s mental health toll but I’m just glad I’m still reading 😊😊😊

      Here’s hoping Jade war and Jade Legacy won’t destroy us πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


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