Best and Worst Series of 2021 Book Tag

I suddenly remembered that I had done this tag way back in 2019 (check it out here) and that it had been quite fun. So, why not give it a try for this year again. I’m also not yet prepared to write up my Best Books of 2021 list, so this seemed like an interesting compromise for now. Hope you will have fun reading it too….!!!!

1. What is the best series that you caught up with this year that is still a work in progress?

I think I accidentally decided to read The First Sister because I needed to read a book with a shiny cover for a readathon. And that’s how it started. Because this book and it’s sequel, The Second Rebel are just spectacular with expansive world building, very compelling characters and plot twists that keep coming and coming relentlessly. I am so excited for the finale next year.

2. What is the best work in progress series that you are still catching up with?

This is technically not a work in progress series because the final book released a couple of months ago. But let me consider it that way for now, especially because these four books together only make up the first book of the Condor Heroes Trilogy. I only managed to finish reading A Hero Born and started reading A Bond Undone, but I’m really loving this classic wuxia series and I can’t wait to finish it soon.

3. What was your favorite first book in a series this year?

I actually have read many wonderful series openers this year, and I have been very thankful for that during these not so good times. But there’s just something so special about She Who Became the Sun that I can’t get it out of my mind even after all these months. I’ll probably keep talking about it till I get to read it’s sequel.

4. What is a first book in a series you read this year that you think should have just been a standalone, not a series?

I don’t actually have a problem with Little Thieves getting a sequel and it’s premise actually sounds so cool, but I was really happy when I thought I was reading a standalone. It’s only because I am having trouble catching up with series, and I wish I didn’t have so many sequels on my TBR right at the beginning of a year.

5. What is your most over-hyped series of the year?

A Court of Mist and Fury will always remain a favorite but I kind of lost my adoration for the series during A Court of Wings and Ruin. But because I do like the characters, I still caught up with the novella and then this spin-off novel A Court of Silver Flames this year. It just felt so repetitive and boring this time around, and I’m surprised that the hype still exists.

6. What is a series that you DNFed this year?

I managed to read only the first book in Bridgerton and wasn’t really impressed. I didn’t like the characters, nor the plot, so I decided I will not be continuing it. I can definitely enjoy the Netflix show without reading this one.

7. What was your favorite series finale of the year?

There was no way I could have chosen between A War of Swallowed Stars and Fury of a Demon. They were my most anticipated finales when I started the year and both of them exceeded my expectations. If you still have not read the Celestial trilogy or Dragons of Terra trilogy, you are really missing out.

8. What was the biggest cliffhanger you had in a series this year?

I don’t think I have been fine since I read the final chapter of Iron Widow. After a fully action packed narrative throughout, I did not expect we would be left with angst and a plot twist that absolutely blew my mind.

9. What is your favorite spinoff series you read this year?

I actually have forgotten which of these two books came out first – Tian Ya Ke or Qi Ye. So, if I just assume them to be spin-offs of each other, then they are definitely my favorites. I just finished my reread of both the books back to back last week and I don’t regret it because they were more the second time around.

10. What is your most anticipated next book in a series that you read this year that will come out next year?

Tasha is one of my favorite authors ever and The Jasmine Throne is one of my top favorites of this year. So, it’s natural that I am highly anticipating the release of The Oleander Sword. And just look at that cover and the way Malini exudes presence. How am I gonna wait….!!!!!

11. What is your most anticipated series to catch up with next year based on what you read in that series this year?

I read two more books in the Xuya universe this year, Seven of Infinities and The Citadel of Weeping Pearls. I really love this world and the stories, so I’m very excited to catch up on more of them next year.

12. What is your favorite series that you finished this year?

I binge read the Dominion of the Fallen trilogy this year as well as reread the novella Of Dragons, Feasts and Murders which introduced me to this world. And these books were just wow. A gothic post apocalyptic kind of Paris, lots of mythological beings, super cool magic, and characters whom you can’t help but love – this series gave me a lot of joy when I was stuck in bed due to my ankle injury.

13. What is your favorite episodic series of the year?

I don’t think I’m into reading episodic series. I’ve only ever read one season of Criminal Intentions more than an year ago and then abandoned it because it was getting too intense for my taste.

14. What is a series that you finally bailed on after holding onto it for a long time?

I hope I have not completely abandoned The Invisible Library series yet but I haven’t read The Dark Archive despite having the book with me for almost an year and it’s almost time for the release of The Untold Story. But I’m not at all in the mood to read them for now but who knows about the future.

15. What is the series you were most surprised that you liked this year?

I am not someone who actively picks up indie or self published books, especially after I let my Kindle Unlimited subscription expire last year. But I couldn’t help but read The Fall and Of Blood and Fire after hearing so much about them on my twitter timeline. I still wasn’t expecting to love them like everyone else, but The Fall in particular completely blew my mind. I’ve already gotten my hands on the next book, Of Darkness and Light and I can’t wait to read it before the release in December.

And that’s it for now…!!!! It was much easier to answer these questions than to come up with a Best Of.. list. But I promise that one will also be posted soon. For now, I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite series of this year. Feel free to either do this tag or share your favorites with me in the comments below…

23 thoughts on “Best and Worst Series of 2021 Book Tag

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  1. I haven’t read any of these books you know! She who became the Sun and Little Thieves are on my to read list but I’m starting to lose my patience with series that take too long to finish. So I’m waiting for series to finish before I start reading the first book, if that makes sense ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Little Thieves is actually a standalone for now… and i know it got extended into a second book because of its success, but you can read it as a single book coz it’s complete 😊😊😊
      She who became the sun is just my top fav of the year…
      And I completely understand what you mean. I have so many series which I have lying like that on my shelves because I keep waiting for them to finish 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YESS I love SWTBS sos so much fun! and omg I really need to know what happens after iron widow ahahaha. I am so so excited for the oleander sword too! it can’t come out soon enough!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you !!! I hope you love The Jasmine Throne like I did 😍😍😍
      And I’m happy for the author that Little Thieves is a series now but it’s just one more series to follow up on the never ending list of series to read 😭😭😭

      Liked by 1 person

        1. The Celestial trilogy is an all time favorite… but it also has its inspirations from Indian mythology, so I found it so exciting to find those little Easter eggs and nods to stories I grew up with in a mainstream US YA sci-fi series.. even otherwise though, it’s very character focused while also having some great action sequences, so I’m sure it’ll be fun for you to try…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I do too! It’s never been easier to get instant access to pretty much any kind of reading you’re interested in. The benefits are fantastic.. but the downside is having too much of a good thing. If that is a downside. 😆

            Liked by 1 person

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