Book Review: The Lost Plot by Genevieve Cogman

In a 1920s-esque New York, Prohibition is in force; fedoras, flapper dresses, and tommy guns are in fashion: and intrigue is afoot. Intrepid Librarians Irene and Kai find themselves caught in the middle of a dragon political contest. It seems a young Librarian has become tangled in this conflict, and if they can’t extricate him,... Continue Reading →


Book Review: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

A book with the word “Bookshop” in its title is my kinda book, so I had to read this. I have to say this book left me feeling very very disappointed. Monsieur Perdu lives alone in Paris and owns a book barge called Literary Apothecary. He recommends books to people based on what he thinks... Continue Reading →

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